05 9 / 2014

Top Five Sydney coffee hotspots for caffeine addicted travellers

girl making coffee_blog

girl making coffee_blogOn a road trip around Australia?  Having the best time of your life exploring this magnificent continent? Excellent!

Does that mean you have to give up your daily caffeine fix in exchange for a wild experience down under?

No sir, it doesn’t!

When it comes to brain juice, Australians know all there is to know about it, having embraced the black bean more wholeheartedly than most countries in the…

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13 8 / 2014

I’m a Noob and I can now say “Amazeballs” to my “Fandom”

To my Fandom (1)

To my Fandom (1)


 Image by Andrew on Flickr

If you’re like me,  trying to keep up with the vertiginous speed of change of the English language is quite the struggle.

Thankfully,  the good people at the Oxford Dictionaries, the arm of the Oxford family that focuses on current English, are working to put it all in black and white for us.

So now, when you feel too exhausted to pronounce the  “z” in Crazy and…

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30 6 / 2014

No, video marketing is not just for the tech-savvy – Video marketing is for everyone



With 6 billion hours of video being watched each month on YouTube, there is bound to be someone out there, interested in what you have to say or sell.

The cool thing about YouTube is that it transcends borders and budgets. In fact, you can come up with pretty awesome videos with a touch of creativity and a good sense of humor. No matter how far-fetched your product or how uninteresting it may…

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27 6 / 2014

How much does an interruption cost you? – Seven apps that will force you to focus

time lost_FBK

time lost_FBK

This week I’ve written approximately 60,000 words – blog posts, auto-responders, company descriptions, website copy, social media posts, video scripts, eBooks and more. To make matters worse,  I had to switch from copy in Spanish to copy in English and vice versa

Don’t ask me how I’ve done it. It all feels like a blur.

One thing is for sure. It’s damn hard.

No, I’m not talking about the writing.…

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17 6 / 2014

Tere: Hey you, tell me how to capture your attention with all this noise around us?

make me care_FBK

Yes, you – the reader, the buyer, the user, the prospect, the audience, the observer, the stalker (may be not you), the spectator, the player, the onlooker.

Tell me what’s going to take to stop you from clicking that button and moving away from me.

You, heartless run-away.

How do I get you to listen to my sob story once and for all?

What is it going to take for you to watch my dog running around…

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09 6 / 2014

Why is letter X the great Unknown?

Letter X_from artLesley on Flickr_for FBK

Have you ever stopped to think why on earth do we assign the letter X to anything and everything we are not familiar with? Mutants, files, factors, numbers, rays, and many other persons, animals, objects or entities of unclear description are classified as X.


Well, according to Terry Moore, director of the Radius Foundation, you can blame it all on the old Spanish scholars who attempted to…

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02 4 / 2014

The rules of content marketing keep on changing but, as we like to insist, CONVERSATION IS STILL…

The rules of content marketing keep on changing but, as we like to insist, CONVERSATION IS STILL KING.

talkingSo have participants at the Content Marketing World conference been told in Sydney today – the number of shares and likes a piece of content receives on the web are crucial in its efficacy as a successful marketing tool. Thanks to widespread high-speed Internet access and easy to use publishing…

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24 3 / 2014

“Young People are Just Smarter” – Digital Immigrants vs Digital Natives

digital native

Noam Scheiber, New Republics Senior Editor, couldn’t put it any clearer – “Silicon Valley has become one of the most ageist places in America”. Yes, it seems Mark Zuckerberg’s premise predicated to an audience at Stanford back in 2007 that “Young people are just smarter”  is now the accepted creed;  that it’s better to be perceived as naïve and immature than to have voted (or have danced to…

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07 3 / 2014

International Women’s Day 2014: Mothers and daughters around the world – in pictures… http://wp.me/s2hthv-2642

ari and I
International Women’s Day 2014: Mothers and daughters around the world – in pictures

I’m reproducing here a visual celebration of women published by The Guardian and presented by Reuters on the eve of International Women’s Day. “Mothers and their daughters from around the globe”portray years of quiet female struggle to achieve equality among genders, particularly in Developing Countries. We…

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06 3 / 2014

Thailand’s Love Affair with Instagram




A country inhabited by 67 million souls, Thailand has over 24 million Facebook and 1.5 million Instagram users. Not surprisingly, in 2013 there was a total of 36,443,398 photos and videos uploaded on Instagram from stunning Thailand. The natural and architectural beauty of the country lends itself to an Instagram frenzy, with people seeking a photo opportunity everywhere they go.

In 2012 the…

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